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Eye Doctor Singapore

With an experience of over a decade in ophthalmology, Dr. Cheryl Lee is a reputable eye doctor in Singapore. She is a renowned eye surgeon that specializes in a variety of eye-related conditions, from ocular inflammatory disease (uveitis), management of diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration to cataracts and a wealth of other medical retinal conditions. Her solid background coupled with her extensive expertise and training recommend Dr. Cheryl Lee as a leading and trustworthy eye surgeon. Trained in countries like the United Kingdom, France and the United States of American, Dr. Cheryl Lee is a very patient-oriented, professional eye doctor and very friendly with children at the same time.

Throughout her career as an ophthalmologist eye doctor, Dr. Lee  has won a series of awards and prizes in the United Kingdom and Singapore: the Book Prize and Gold Medal in Ophthalmology granted by the National University of Singapore is one of her important achievements as an eye surgeon. Also, the Alcon Glaucoma UK Competition distinction she received back in 2005 adds to her experience and expertise as an eye doctor. Dr. Lee speaks many different languages including Mandarin, Teochew and the Hokkien dialect, in addition to being fluent in English, Malay, Spanish and French.

In addition to her eye clinic practice, Dr. Cheryl Lee has contributed to numerous studies and research work concerning the use of retinal stem cells and various European trials related to macula hole surgery. Moreover, she was also a clinic investigator LUCENTIS® (ranibizumab injection) in the development of an innovative treatment that helps with macular degeneration caused by age.


Eye Doctor Singapore

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