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5 Tips for Quality Eye Care

Have you ever considered your eyes’ health? Unfortunately, most people take it for granted up to the point that they develop eye diseases (cataract, blurred vision, etc.) in the long run. What’s worse is their ignorance when it comes to seemingly minor problems, but in fact, they’re the early signs of common eye problems. The surest way to prevent these problems is actually very simple: Quality eye care. In other words, a little adjustment here and there in your lifestyle can make wonders to your eyes’ health.


Eat Right

Beta carotene is the main component that will aid in eye health. Simply put, it’s an antioxidant that helps prevent macular degeneration. Foods chock-full of beta carotene are fruits and vegetables; namely, carrots. Just make sure to include plenty of it in your diet and you’ll be taking care of your eyes well.


 Wear Contacts Less

Contact lenses can irritate your eyes when it’s worn for far too long, which is why your optometrist probably told you to never sleep wearing them. More importantly, it can permanently damage your eyes when regularly worn for more than 19 hours daily. It damages your eyes because contact lenses impede the flow of oxygen in your eyes, especially during sleep. The same goes for glasses and 3D glasses. Simply put, take time to rest your eyes from time to time.


 Use Eye Drops Sparingly

Eye drops can bring instant relief to pain in your eye, but it can work adversely when it’s used excessively. However, it should be clear that eye drops are essential for quality eye care, especially for people who have eye problems and are specifically told to apply eye drops. To further explain, using too much eye drops will make matters worse because it will actually cause redness and itchiness rather than prevent it. Moreover, your body will soon get used to the chemicals in the eye drops, which will make them ineffective and useless.


 Don’t Stare at Screens Too Much

Screens (TV screens, laptop screens, monitor, etc.) don’t exactly cause serious eye problems, but it does dry and strain your eyes. Specifically speaking, the glare from a screen causes muscle fatigue in your eyes; it may be because the screen is too dark or too bright. Moreover, screens make you blink a lot less, which is the primary cause of dryness. To put it simply, take a break from looking at your screen from time to time, and make a conscious effort to blink regularly.


Read in Right Light

Dim lights cause unnecessary eye strains when reading. Although it doesn’t cause any serious eye problems, it will bring pointless discomfort. Furthermore, excessively bright light will bring the same problems. In other words, read in a place where the sun shines just right, and never stare at the sun. That’s all there is to quality eye care. As long as you keep these tips in mind, it’ll take a pretty long time before you have to go to the eye doctor again. But of course, you should still take some time for regular check-ups, as you may develop eye problems that are difficult to notice.

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