Dry Eyes

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a very common phenomenon and almost everyone, some time or the other must have experienced it. Dry eye is said to occur when tears are unable to get produced. This will lead to improper tear consistency and inflammation and can be painful. One can also experience that that the tears are either not coming at all or even if they are coming, they get evaporated rather quickly. Many of you might ridicule dry eye as a small problem, but if left treated, the same can lead to ulcers and scars and even lead to temporary or permanent blindness.

Dry tear is not only characterized by inconsistent tear, but also inflammation and swelling of the eye. The swelling can be on the surface or over the eye and if not treated well, can lead to damage of the cornea. One will not be able to read over a prolonged period of time or will find it difficult to travel in dry weather and lose their sight over time if precautions are not taken. One may even find it quite hard to work in from t of computer or use mobile phones.

What causes Dry Eye?

It must be noted that dry eyes can be treated with patient treatment, but in case you are taking it lightly, it might very well turn out to be a chronic disease and can lead to disastrous effects. Before you go into other details, it is necessary that you go through the causes of dry eyes and if possible try to prevent it by taking precautions from beforehand. There are a number of reasons to get dry eyes from. The common ones are menopause or pregnancy among women, some skin diseases that are prone to getting dry eyes, replacement of hormones by surgery, LASIK treatment, various diseases and their after effects, dysfunction of the meibomian glands, allergies, use of excess birth control pills, use of tranquilizers, harmful effects of certain medications, side effect of Parkinson’s disease, sitting in front of television or computer for whole day long, side effects of thyroid, infections leading to conjunctivitis and hen to dry eyes, arthritis disorders and others. Many a times, old age also leads to this problem. Some of the most common reasons for getting a dry eye are mentioned here but one must remember that the list is not exhaustive and there are various other causes as well.

Are you suffering from Dry Eye?

While not all symptoms might necessarily suggested that you are suffering from dry eyes, it is always better to note them down so that in the future if you feel them occurring, you can always consult a doctor. The most common symptom is the swelling up of the surface of the eye or an inflammation followed by grittiness or a burning sensation. You can also feel stingy or can experience continuous tears or absolutely no tears. This apart, you will feel regular pain and itchiness and the eyes might just turn red, the contact lenses would not adjust properly and will lead to itchiness all the time. One will also find it difficult to cry and shed tears irrespective of their emotional mood. The other symptoms include a blurred out vision, eye fatigue, regular eye discharge, eyelids getting droopy and heavy and others.

Dry Eye Treatment

In case you are actually suffering from dry eyes, it is recommended that instead of wasting your time by asking your family members or friends of its treatment, visit the eye doctor immediately. The doctor will properly evaluate the cause of your problem and the extent to which the damage is done and based on that will be suggesting your proper medications. Dry eyes can be treated by following a great medication technique as well as a sufficing dietary plan and hence it is recommended to eat only healthy food during the treatment period. Green vegetables, fruit juices and raw fruits make for a great diet. These apart, regularly use the medicines and ointments given by the doctor and try to stay indoors as much as possible. It must be noted that dirt and pollution from outside can do more harm than good. Hence make it a point to never leave the house without a face mask or sunglasses.