Eyelid Surgery – Removal of Droopy Eyelids for Clearer Vision

Eyelid Surgery to remove droopy eyelids

If you have droopy eyelids there’s a good chance they will block your vision when trying to look straight ahead or upwards. The chances of the eyelids drooping may also increase when reading a book, which means that some people can have pretty big problems if they’re still in school. In order to see correctly, many people will try and use their forehead muscles in order to lift their eyebrows, but this will only lead to forehead tension headaches. That is why as a solution to this problem, it’s best to consider eyelid surgery to remove the sagging eyelid. This will give the individual a younger, more alert and brighter look, while also helping him see much better.

What causes Droopy Eyelids?

The causes of droopy eyelids are quite a few and they include:

1. Problems with muscles that lift the eyelid

2. Problems with the nerves that innervate the muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid

3. Stretching of the tissue that lifts the lid

4. Excess skin

Sight and Age Management of the Lower Eyelid

Eyelid problems are most common in older people, because as people grow older, their tissue losses elasticity. As a result, the lower eyelid will no longer be well opposed to the eyeball and because of that, certain problems will occur. Some of them include:

1.Risk of eye infections that threaten one’s sight

2. Tearing

3. Gritty, uncomfortable eye

What can be done?

When the individual will decide to see a doctor about this problem, the doctor will need to ensure that the patient’s condition doesn’t involve the muscle or the nerve in the eye and based on his examination, he will recommend the best solution for the patient.

Due to the aging of the tissues, the lower eyelid is turned inwards and what worries doctors is that in-turning eyelashes can scratch and eventually damage the cornea. This will generally lead to dangerous eye infections. As for the lower eyelid, it’s tightened so that it opposes the eyelid back again. The surgery takes just one hour and it doesn’t require hospital stay.

As a very experienced eye doctor, Doctor Cheryl will first of all carefully examine the eyes to make sure that they’re in good health and vision is good. For those who have droopy eyelids that cause them vision problems, it is important to seek professional help in order to correct this problem. 

How can the Eyelid surgery help?

When having a surgery, the extra eyelid skin will be removed in a procedure that will be done on both eyes in the same day. What’s great about it are its low duration (around one hour) and the fact that patients don’t have to be hospitalized.

The eyelid surgery involves strengthening the muscle’s force by reattaching it closer to the eyelid and it’s a procedure that’s generally done one eyelid at a time. As previously mentioned, it only takes around 60 minutes and the patient doesn’t need to be hospitalized. Patients have to keep in mind that regardless if they have perfect eyesight, they may not be able to fully enjoy it if they have droopy eyelids.

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