Implantable Contact Lens | What Is Implantable Contact Lens?

What Is Implantable Contact Lens?

A human eye is capable of processing more than 36,000 bits of information in each hour, and this complexity makes this organ highly vital in the human body. Like any other organ in the human body, our eyes are also prone to various disorders and diseases. It is highly necessary to treat all the conditions of our eyes with utmost emergency, and this will help us to increase the quality of our life. Myopia also known as near sightedness is a common disorder prevalent among people worldwide. There are various ways of treating myopia. It includes LASIK, PRK and the usage of implantable contact lens. Implantable contact lens (ICLs) is an alternative to LASIK for the permanent correction of myopia.

What are implantable contact lenses (ICLs)?

The use of implantable contact lenses is in its high in the recent days. These lenses are made up of ‘collamer’, and this is a substance which naturally occurs in our body. Normally, an ICL will be implanted behind the iris. The ICL which is implanted in front of the natural lens of our eyes will therefore help you to combat myopia, and this is undoubtedly the most effective way to treat this vision disorder.

Implantable Contact Lenses Vs LASIK

LASIK and implantable contact lenses are the two most popular methods which are used for the treatment of myopia. LASIK procedure changes the shape of cornea permanently to correct vision. In ICL, a lens is inserted in the posterior chamber of the eye, and this chamber is responsible for maintaining the structure of cornea. The implanted contact lenses can be removed and can also be replaced after the surgery during the times of any vision changes. There are certain cases in which people are unable to do LASIK surgery because of thin corneas. In these times, you can prefer Implantable contact lenses, and it will do the work for you. Altogether, we can say that ICL is reversible and changeable, but LASIK is not. So, before finalizing any procedure, it is highly advisable to ask your eye surgeon, and he will help you to suggest the best procedure which is needed for you.

Advantages of Implantable Contact Lens

Intact Natural Lens

This is one of the main advantages of ICL. Your natural lens in the eye is left intact after the surgery, and this will enable you to get perfect near and distant vision.


The ICL is invisible and undetectable. The lens is placed in between the iris and the natural lens, and as a result the patient and observer will find it hard to identify the implantable contact lens.
Intact Cornea

This is another advantage of ICL over LASIK. The cornea of our eyes remain intact, and thus the strength and structural integrity is not affected to any extend.

Possible Risks of Implantable Contact Lens

Over Correction

Over correction is one of the most common side effects of implantable contact lenses. This will normally occur if the prescriptive power of ICL is too high. Undercorrection may also happen if we implant a contact lens with weak prescription.

Probability of Infection: The chances for infection is quite common in all surgeries, and the case of ICL is no different.

Implantable Contact Lens

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